Province columnist “ambushed” by Boston media and Shawn Thornton.

Sportsnet’s Dan Murphy on Province columnist Tony Gallagher being ambushed during an interview with Boston media.

"The players are the ones laying it on the line, so they are allowed to make their feelings known about the opposition. They are expected to. And I get why coaches and management sometimes get into it. Their rhetoric is used to protect the interest of their players and take the side of their team. What else would you expect them to do?

“But when media verbally attack a player or other members of the media? When they get personal with the attacks? C’mon now. Last I checked, we didn’t play the game and we shouldn’t have anything personally invested in the game.

“The latest Vancouver-Boston media dust up occurred Tuesday night when Vancouver Province columnist Tony Gallagher went on a Bruins show for Comcast. Gallagher was giving his opinion as to why Dale Weise didn’t have to fight Shawn Thornton in the first period of Saturday’s game.

“Little did Gallagher know, but Comcast had Thornton in studio. When Gallagher finished his thought, the ambush was on.

“Guerrilla journalism at its worst!”

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